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My mission is to help free people from unproductive careers and to help them move into positions where their talents, skills, expertise, potential and passion can be fulfilled, recognised and rewarded.


New Website Coming Soon

I shall be changing my website shortly to incorporate new materials, videos, services and things to download - some free and some available at keen prices. Watch this space. 

20 years of Brian McIvor & Associates

Twenty years ago - almost to the day- I made a decision to take voluntary redundancy from a training job in life assurance to take the plunge into self-employment. Time does travel fast and I find that I have now worked for myself longer than I have worked for any of my previous employers. One paradoxical thought is that the level of insecurity that I have seen since the mid-90s has brought its own form of security in that change and insecurity themselves are constants in my life but that has challenged me to be aware and to stay on top of things. In that time I have had an amazing set of experiences - mostly very good - and I now enjoy an enduring sense of gratefulness for the support and kindness of others.

Career and JobHunting in a recovering market.

Maybe the corner has been turned and there is evidence of the first green shoots; the IMF have departed (for now), the markets want to invest in us again and the ratings agencies have fished us out of the junk basket. Is it now time to review your own career plans?

There will be no return to the halcyon days of the Celtic Tiger. Today's job market, in a rising economy, will be focussed on delivery and cost. Any job or career you pursue will need to be targeted and pursued in a focussed way - based on a realistic marriage of what you have to offer and what your future employer needs. To second guess the latter you will need the best of market information to identify what skills, expertise and achivements are valued in a recovering economy. And despite what the experts say you won't get all you need on-line; that's like conducting a murder investigation based on forensic information only. It's not the data that talks - it's the contacts. Now, as much as at any time in the past you need to be creative and resourceful in your career and job search. 

So get weaving. I can help you get started and get a road map together.

The Interviewer's Book: Now in the shops

My book for interviewers, written in collaboration with Mary Hanson, is now in the shops. It is published by Orpen Press (ISBN: 978-1-871-94-4) price €15 available both in paperback format and in Kindle Versions.





















Further information at Orpen Press:

Appearance on RTÉ's new programme the Morning Edition

Have just done a slot on RTÉ's new TV News show The Morning Edition. the piece on help for job seekers is at 1:01:00"> the piece on help for job seekers is at 1:01:00


Interviewee Skills

9:30-5:00 Saturday 16 February - Central Dublin location (TBA).

Hone your interviewing skills and get feedback on how to improve. Small group - 12 max.

Cost €100 including a copy of Brian's book Interview-wise.

What Colour is Your Parachute? Career Workshop

9:30-5:00 Saturday 2 March - Central Dublin location (TBA).

Find your ideal career, hone your job-search skills and kick-start your new life. Based on Richard Bolle's classic book.

Ireland's longest running career workshop returns.

Cost €100 including a copy of Brian's book Career Detection.

You can enrol by sending  your fee and contact details directly to Brian McIvor&Associates, Newgrange Mall, Slane, Co. Meath.

To discuss your requirements further:

Call 041 988 4035 or email me:

Morning Edition: RTÉ1 9:00-11:00am Monday Morning

Will be a guest on the first edition of RTÉ's new morning news programme: Monday 28 January.

The Interviewer's Book: Due for Publication: end of February 2013

Just putting the finishing touches to the interviewer's book (with Mary Hanson). We are calling the book "The First Sign of the Recovery" because you know a recovery is in the offing when someone comes out with a book about how to hire staff.

See for yourself: