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Specialising in Career and Interview Training & Development for the Public Service & Private Sector

Interviewing Zone

A unique set of resources to help you succeed at your next interview. Based on case studies from our Public Sector and Private Sector clients.

Career Zone

Find your career path through understanding your skills & capability. Manage your transitions - right up to early retirement!

Personal Development

Discover your psychological strengths and how to manage your own reactions to events. Understand how to harness stressful situations to your advantage.

Free Resources

Sample PDFs, Videos and Podcasts from our unique collection.

In a post-Covid world your job, your career path and your future may be up for grabs – Take positive control of your situation.
Over the last 25 years I have helped thousands of our clients nationally and internationally manage all forms of career transition – from induction, through selection and promotion right through to pre-retirement planning in both the Public and Private Sectors.
You will discover what drives your career choices and what you have to offer. You’ll learn how to identify your transferable and marketable skills.
I have worked in positions of responsibility in both in the Public Service and the Private Sector – so I am familiar with the challenges that working in these sectors present.
Please contact me via email, Skype or Zoom – for a free confidential consultation.

Latest News

Competency-based Interviews: They have upped the Ante!

One example is not enough any more! Interview Boards have become wise to the one-dimensional competency-based interview – where you were asked for a single example of a situation where you achieved results, solved problems or whatever. To make the mark all you had to do was to tell your

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The Mozart Effect in Retirement

Talk to some people about retirement and they will describe the prospect as “grim – ending in you-know-what” ignoring the fact that, for most people about to retire “you know what” is at least one generation away. A lot can happen in the meantime. Your retirement may well be very

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Retirement ain’t what it used to be!

Time to reset your course? Time was, you retired from work, got your watch, went home and within a short time you left the planet. Retirement, in those days was a matter of waiting for the inevitable. In the last century the amount of time we will spend in retirement,

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