Acing the Competency Interview – before you get there.

Every application form tells a story.

If you did your homework – your application form tells the world that  you are a professional communicator with a future. If you slung the form together in a hurry  the impression is that you will approach the job in the same way; and interviewers won’t want that. What interviewers want is a colleague who will put the same care and attention into every task – including the job application.

The common misconception is that you have to load your Application Form with “power words” and “buzz words”. To HR professionals this type of application is as blatantly obvious as fake tan. The interviewers wants to know is (1) do you understand the job and what it entails and (2) have you done anything like this before? If the answer to either is no your application will fail. If the answer is yes to both questions the interviewer(s) will want to know more details and if will you fit in; that will make it worth their while to interview you

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