Are we living in a binary world?

Are we living in a Binary World – post Covid?

Have you noticed that since Covid many people have become more helpful, more supportive and understanding and willing to help in any way theyCareer Detection can? They take time to call you and check if you are okay and work to make the world a kinder place and they have helped support their families and communities is so many ways -despite their own difficulties. I have met so many of them during last 18 months it gives me hope for our world. Their motto might well be: “We are in this together, let’s make the best of it”.

Then there are those whose behaviour could only be described as contrarian – they don’t believe in vaccination, or taking special precautions and subscribe to any manner of conspiracy theories. Seeing them in action on the media – social, or otherwise – makes my heart sink and I despair for the future of the world.
Their motto might well be: “Covid is fake, it’s all a conspiracy, everyone for themselves – it’s not my job to fix this”.

Or are we being too binary in our thinking?

If you want to be spared the perils of binary thinking call me.

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