Break the Application Form barrier with this new video

Not making it to interview stage in competency-base competitions?

Too many job applications end in tears because the form is rejected. This is true especially for competency-based applications. The old technique of filling a badly drafted form with superlatives never hacked it anyway – but that didn’t stop people trying.

To help you get through the gate that is the application form I have just finished a 20 minute detailed video to take you through the process. I am obliged to the HR managers I talked to who wanted to help applicants get to the interview table.

Do you have to be a media star to be successful at on-line Interviews?

“I am ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille”

Facing your first online job interview you probably won’t feel as confident as Norma Desmond in the film Sunset Boulevard.

However, you will probably feel as much pressure as the diva did – with the level of scrutiny being directed at you.

Cecil B deMille is long gone but 10 minutes of your time with our new video should help you build confidence.

 Remember the secret of a good movie is a good script and nice pictures.

10 Minutes of your time may get you your own Oscar.

Your next Job Interview – A meeting with the Spanish Inquisition – or a Stairway to Heaven?

Have your recent interviews been a bit uncomfortable?

Meet your Inquisitors HERE

Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition.

Their weapons were fear, surprise and a fanatical devotion to the Pope.

(You might remember the Monty Python Sketch and the famous line:

“Cardinal Fang, bring on the Comfy Chair” )

Many people do not prepare properly for their competency interview and wind up feeling

that the Spanish Interview had been all over them.

Make sure that your next Interview is a Stairway to Heaven (via the Interviewing Zone)

and not a terrifying Inquisition.

Competency Interview Forms – Filling out. 11:30 min:secs that will save you hours.

My latest podcast at

Shows you how to fill out a competency example on an application form using the STAR Model. It’s an audio trailer for a video that I am working on and that will be available shortly. Save hours with this eleven and a half minute introduction. It’s based on a recent case study about how a young manager organised home working for their colleagues.


Max your next Interview with Modern Maths – Victory with Venn

You  might have  wondered  when  you  were at  school  how all  that  modern math  was  all  about.

Here in our latest podcast is the secret of the humble Venn Diagram.

Know what your overlap is.

Six minutes that could make the difference – listen to an entertaining angle on Boolean algebra in the world of Job Hunting.



Mozart and Mindfulness may help your next Job Interview

One of the things people fear most at interviews is getting stuck or making a mistake. The anxiety of making a mistake or leaving something out can be more serious than the mistake or omission itself. However, humans work hard in communication to fill gaps, to work out what’s going on. This podcast tells us this is going on around us all the time. Performers frequently make mistakes, leave out lyrics, skip pages, or whatever and noone notices. Mozart may deliver perfection in his music but most of us don’t in our interviews -and the message gets through anyway.

Listen, if only to connect with a wonderful piece of music.

Plain English comes to the Interview Room

Interviewers are sick and tired of buzzwords and poor communication -even though most interviewees claim to have “excellent Communications Skills”. The job will go to someone who can communicate clearly what they know, what they have done, how and why they did what they did. No bull, no jargon – just as  you would explain it to your best friends. This Podcast helps you to cut to the chase with the help of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Listen here:


Things Interviewers Hate: on Podbean

If you are into podcasts – I am launching a podcast channel on podbean where I shall put up short audio session that will help  you with career and interview matters.

From over 20 years of coaching interviewees and training interviewer – ten pet peeves that drive interviewers nuts.

This podcast will get you into the interviewer’s good books.