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I am an enthusiastic and regular blogger on career and interview matters. My posts are normally inspired by the experiences of my clients or emerging trends in the fields of recruitment and career matters in both the Public and Private Sectors.

Who was your best boss/manager?

It is said that people do not leave jobs they love – they leave bosses who have denied them the recognition, challenges and the vital support needed to progress. Your best boss may not have been your best friend but they always had your best interests at heart. Who’s your

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Competency-based Interviews: They have upped the Ante!

One example is not enough any more! Interview Boards have become wise to the one-dimensional competency-based interview – where you were asked for a single example of a situation where you achieved results, solved problems or whatever. To make the mark all you had to do was to tell your

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The Mozart Effect in Retirement

Talk to some people about retirement and they will describe the prospect as “grim – ending in you-know-what” ignoring the fact that, for most people about to retire “you know what” is at least one generation away. A lot can happen in the meantime. Your retirement may well be very

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Retirement ain’t what it used to be!

Time to reset your course? Time was, you retired from work, got your watch, went home and within a short time you left the planet. Retirement, in those days was a matter of waiting for the inevitable. In the last century the amount of time we will spend in retirement,

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Return that call!

A sure-fire business tip: Return that call!   It’s  the Simplest way to grow your business- just return those calls! I am surprised by the number of people who say to me, as if it doesn’t happen very often, “but you returned my call?”. To which my response has always

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The Simplest Job Interview Tip..

Your next job Interview could be a breeze if you use your voice to engage with the interviewer. If your voice is quiet, hesitant, strident or whatever you won’t establish proper rapport with your interviewer.Your objective is to have a professional conversation with your future colleagues.So, how you meet, greet

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Dispelling some myths about Public Service Competency Interviews

As an interview coach I come across some myths about Public Service interviews. One is that you just go in there are and ensure you have the right buzzwords. It’s not a poetry recitation contest! Your interview professional,evidence-based, interactive and structured process. Expected to be interrupted, cross-examined and questioned about

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Performing well in Public Service Interviews

There are increasing levels of interest in Public Service interviews these days. With the threat of uncertainty in the Private Sector you might be thinking about this. That is understandable. Recruitment processes in the Public Service are different. Public Service jobs attract large numbers of applicants. There are a number of

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Life After Covid

With vaccines on the way for all now might be a good time to start planning. One of my great passions in life is music.  During lockdown I discovered that a prelude from a cello suite by J S Bach could be married to the most famous Ave Maria in

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