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I am an enthusiastic and regular blogger on career and interview matters. My posts are normally inspired by the experiences of my clients or emerging trends in the fields of recruitment and career matters in both the Public and Private Sectors.

Break the Application Form barrier with this new video

Not making it to interview stage in competency-based competitions? Too many job applications end in tears because the form is rejected. This is true especially for competency-based applications. The old technique of filling a badly drafted form with superlatives never hacked it anyway – but that didn’t stop people trying.

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Mozart and Mindfulness may help your next Job Interview

One of the things people fear most at interviews is getting stuck or making a mistake. The anxiety of making a mistake or leaving something out can be more serious than the mistake or omission itself. However, humans work hard in communication to fill gaps, to work out what’s going

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Plain English comes to the Interview Room

Interviewers are sick and tired of buzzwords and poor communication -even though most interviewees claim to have “excellent Communications Skills”. The job will go to someone who can communicate clearly what they know, what they have done, how and why they did what they did. No bull, no jargon –

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