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I am an enthusiastic and regular blogger on career and interview matters. My posts are normally inspired by the experiences of my clients or emerging trends in the fields of recruitment and career matters in both the Public and Private Sectors.

Mozart and Mindfulness may help your next Job Interview

One of the things people fear most at interviews is getting stuck or making a mistake. The anxiety of making a mistake or leaving something out can be more serious than the mistake or omission itself. However, humans work hard in communication to fill gaps, to work out what’s going

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Plain English comes to the Interview Room

Interviewers are sick and tired of buzzwords and poor communication -even though most interviewees claim to have “excellent Communications Skills”. The job will go to someone who can communicate clearly what they know, what they have done, how and why they did what they did. No bull, no jargon –

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Things Interviewers Hate: on Podbean

https://brianmcivor.podbean.com/e/things-interviewers-hate-how-to-get-interviewers-on-your-side/ If you are into podcasts – I am launching a podcast channel on podbean where I shall put up short audio session that will help  you with career and interview matters. From over 20 years of coaching interviewees and training interviewer – ten pet peeves that drive interviewers nuts.

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Interviewing: Are you getting the best out of STAR

Everybody know what the STAR method is (well almost everybody). But do you know how to get the best out of it? You may know the ingredients – but how do you get the right mix? That’s like saying that you know how to bake a whiskey cake because you

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Online Interviews – your worst nightmare.

Do you have to be a media star to perform well online? My clients are reporting that preparing for online interviews brings its own stress. Not everybody feels natural in front of a PC screen or a tablet – especially if your future is on the line. It’s like being

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How to Sabotage your next Job Interview

Ten Things Interviewers Hate to Hear A light-hearted rant from the other side of the interviewing process. Ten things that will scupper your interview. Don’t worry I have supplied the antidote in the Interviewing Zone.

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Dealing with CV Rejection – post COVID

COMING out of COVID – ReCycling the Lockdown Mindset. Already there is a lot of talk of life after Covid – or life with it in semi-lockdown for a long time to come. The figures for future unemployment are alarming – hundreds of thousands of people in the catering, tourism

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The New Normal?

TODAY is the FIRST DAY of the NEW NORMAL So what’s normal? I have sort of got used to: Things happening in real time – not in a frantic panic. Time to think, to be thankful. Time to catch up with friends and others. Opportunities to learn new things. Great

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Job Interviewing on-line

Job interviewing after Covid will be on-line rather than in person. To get you started here is a nine minutes podcast. ly. Stick in your earbuds and hear all about it here.  STOP PRESS: first cut of the onlineinterviewing video available now. Click here  There are other podcasts available on

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A Brave New World?

One of the benefits of the enforced isolation is that it has thrown the distinction between urgent and important into sharp relief. The world has been coping with a situation that is both urgent and important – and people have grown in the process and shown genuine humanity to their

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