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I am an enthusiastic and regular blogger on career and interview matters. My posts are normally inspired by the experiences of my clients or emerging trends in the fields of recruitment and career matters in both the Public and Private Sectors.

Prioritising your Skills for a better Career Plan

You may be setting yourself up for a frustrating job search if you are not clear about what roles you would be suitable for. One of the best way to prevent this happening is to narrow your options by focussing on the skills that you have developed to a professional

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Finding your Skills

Finding your transferable skills set may be as easy as telling a story – your story. In fact we all have so many stories to draw on; they are a repository for our skills. All we have to do is to decode them. Heres’ the latest episode of the pilot

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Find your Skillset by the on-line Party Method

For the moment parties may be a thing of the past. Find your career direction using the Party Exercise as devised by best-selling author Richard Nelson Bolles. This short video will help you identify some clear career directions. It is the latest in our series of accessible career videos. https://youtu.be/Yr_2HUTaNTs

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What drives your Career Choices?

Knowing the difference between wants and needs. Oscar Wilde once said that when the Gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers. In changing a career or looking for a job the classic mistake is following a career path based on following what you want (Money, Security) but not

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Career Zone Preview

I have been working on putting an on-line career training package on the website. There has been a lot of interest in this.  I shall share elements of the package free of charge over the next while to give you an idea what to expect.  Today, what do you mean

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A Lighthearted (?) Introduction to Competency Interviews

Are scared at the thought of a competency-based interview? Are you uncomfortable with the notion of “selling yourself” at an interview? Do you sometimes feel that only Superman or Superwoman would live up to the standards expected at your next job interview? Welcome to my world. In this podcast I

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Career Direction in 150 Seconds!

I am working on a new learning resource: The Career Zone. As a sample of what it contains here is a 150 second guide on choosing a career direction. It’s based on the principle that once you know your skills set you become clear on suitable roles. Once you have

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Career Detection Digest to become a Free Podcast

In the next few month you may be looking to change your career. To get started I am working on a new on-line learning package. As part of that I am putting up a podcast on SoundCloud which will be a 30 minute introduction to the steps of career change.

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This Too Will Pass

Covid 19 is presenting serious problems to everybody on the planet – particularly those whose jobs are under threat. To help you deal with this I have provided free tools to help you prepare and manage interviews. Welcome to the Interviewing Zone Now is the time to get your application,

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IITD National Training Awards 2020

I am delighted to announce that Brian McIvor & Associates have been shortlisted for the IITD National Training Awards 2020, in the Excellence in Digital Learning Category.  This award will recognise an outstanding and innovative initiative which includes any type of learning that is facilitated by technology or by instructional

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