Career Detection – solve the job search mystery

Job SearchCareer Detection gets results.  When it comes to finding the right job or career slot for most people are baffled. What you need is a Sherlock Holmes to come to the rescue – except that he never existed.

You have to become your own career detective. It’s up to you to review the forensics, talk to people, follow your hunches and solve really difficult problems – like, what are employers really looking for? Many people are just too lazy to put this sort of energy into getting into the job or career that they really need. The

Inspector Clouseau of Job Hunting sends CVs to everybody, takes the first job offer and follows the herd. Inspector Clouseau may be played for laughs but you can’t afford your career and job search to turn into a farce. Start thinking critically today and put your plans into action.

I don’t know where your ideal job is – that’s for you to find out. If you want a hand just give me a call – I know a couple of things that could put you on the right track.

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