Things Interviewers Hate: on Podbean

If you are into podcasts – I am launching a podcast channel on podbean where I shall put up short audio session that will help  you with career and interview matters.

From over 20 years of coaching interviewees and training interviewer – ten pet peeves that drive interviewers nuts.

This podcast will get you into the interviewer’s good books.


Interviewing: Are you getting the best out of STAR

Everybody know what the STAR method is (well almost everybody). But do you know how to get the best out of it? You may know the ingredients – but how do you get the right mix?

That’s like saying that you know how to bake a whiskey cake because you know what the ingredients are. Too much whiskey and…….

Some people spend too much time on the wrong elements of STAR. They will give you loads of situation but precious little real action. Interviewers like their interviewees to be like their Saturday nights – get to the action quickly.

If you want to know how to bake the perfect whiskey cake – talk to Mary Berry. But if you want the perfect interview you have come to the right place.

Online Interviews – your worst nightmare.

Do you have to be a media star to perform well online?

My clients are reporting that preparing for online interviews brings its own stress. Not everybody feels natural in front of a PC screen or a tablet – especially if your future is on the line. It’s like being asked to read the Six O’Clock News at a moment’s notice. It takes a bit of practice, the right script and a bit of self confidence. My own work in radio and tv presentation over the last 20 years has taught me some useful tips. I am happy to talk to you about overcoming those online butterflies. 

The Interviewing Zone  


Finding your Career Direction : Want to ride the bucking bronco?

It’s going to take more than wishful thinking and a tap on your mobile phone.

Be prepared for months of  learning, hard work, practice,  failure and a lot of falling on your rear end.

Sounds familiar -it is  just like life itself!

Despite the new-age hype that “ask the universe for it and it’s yours” the real world challenge is to find a set of career options that marry your best skills, expertise, results and traits into something that will give you the rewards  you deserve.

It will take a bit of time and the best that you have got.

This video takes you through the last stage of our Career Detection process.

Learn about the hidden job market and why it’s not a good thing to send out a shed load of CVs.

There is always a better way – call me.


Dealing with CV Rejection – post COVID

COMING out of COVID – ReCycling the Lockdown Mindset.

Already there is a lot of talk of life after Covid – or life with it in semi-lockdown for a long time to come. The figures for future unemployment are alarming – hundreds of thousands of people in the catering, tourism and leisure industry in Ireland,for example, have lost their secure futures already.

When the economy starts to recover there will be a lot of us looking for jobs – just to survive. Hundreds of thousands of unsolicited CVs will be sent out – online and in paper form. Over 95% of them will not be acknowledged in and of the remainder of them will be bad news. That’s an awful lot of rejection – a mountain of discouragement.

How will you deal with that if you are in this unfortunate position?

One of the keys to survival will be in how you reframe our thinking. One of things that got us through months of lockdown was how we reframed the experience as an opportunity – think of the creative way people managed and amused themselves their families, friends and neighbours.

Maybe it’s time to reuse that Covid Lockdown Mindset and manage a challenging situation with the best of what we have.

My friend and Publisher Frank Scott-Lennon is rewriting the book I contributed to during the great recession.

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The New Normal?


So what’s normal?

I have sort of got used to:

Things happening in real time – not in a frantic panic.
Time to think, to be thankful.
Time to catch up with friends and others.
Opportunities to learn new things.
Great conversations and encounters I have had since things started.

I shall never get used to :

Lack of in-person contact
Not being able to share rituals of celebration and leave-taking in person.
Making music with others.
The presence of others.

It’s still evolving –

“When the winds of change blow – some build walls, others build windmills” Peter Hawkins

Job Interviewing on-line

Job interviewing after Covid will be on-line rather than in person. To get you started here is a nine minutes podcast. ly.
Stick in your earbuds and hear all about it Interviewhere. 

STOP PRESS: first cut of the onlineinterviewing video available now. Click here 

There are other podcasts available on my soundcloud page access them here


A Brave New World?

When To ChangeOne of the benefits of the enforced isolation is that it has thrown the distinction between urgent and important into sharp relief. The world has been coping with a situation that is both urgent and important – and people have grown in the process and shown genuine humanity to their fellow human beings. Now, we may have a better understanding of what is really important – instead of merely urgent – instead of having our lives thrown into panic mode by contrived emergencies and demands. It has given us a tantalising glimpse of a brave new world.

I have now had the opportunity to focus on what really matters – my family, friends and the things, people and places that animate my life.

When some form of normality returns I would still like to be in a world that is kinder, more focussed and more in touch with itself than the madhouse that closed down in Mid-March.

Secret of Success in Career Planning – Prioritise early and often!

If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

If you have no direction you may wind up adrift.

To progress your career or jobsearch you need to make choices and prioritise your skills, fields, opportunities so that you can direct your efforts effectively.

This 80 second video features a case study of a young trainee who was rescued from career drift by a prioritisation grid. Find out more  here.

Based on an exercise from the best-seller What Colo(ur) is Your Parachute? by Richard Nelson Bolles – Published by Ten Speed Press.