A Christmas Present you must HAVE, to BE HAPPY

Christmas is the time for


HAVING too much to Eat and Drink

DOING the wrong things — and 

BEING Hungover or just strung out.

Try for a Christmas that is about

BEING Kind to Others,

DOING things for those in need   -and then

BEING in the real Christmas Spirit.


– the real way to spend Christmas.

BTW here’s a little Christmas Podcast to get you started.





How you might be probed in a Competency Interview – 30 questions.

You’ve prepared your examples….

But are you prepared for the questions?

Interviewers don’t think the same way as interviewees. You train to present your case. Interviewers train to probe your data.

Here’s an example. The STOP signs shows possible interruption points. Any of the 30 questions could be asked as follow-up


What questions will you be anticipating next time you do an interview?

I can help you prepare…. just call or email me.

Help the Interviewer Help you – Have a differentiator

“We are all, individuals”, “Yes, we are all individuals”

(Remember the film – The Life of Brian?)

Pity the poor interviewer – you only have to deal with one interview; they may have dozens.

Interviews are not the sort of assignments that managers seek out;they are a must to avoid. One of the biggest difficulties they have is the clone syndrome. After a few interviews all the applicants start to look and sound the same. After they all claim to have “excellent communications skills” and they all “love a challenge” etc. No wonder the interviewer loses the will to live and winds up confused.

Help the interviewer help you by having something relevant to the job that they can remember you by; a language skill, experience in another industry or organisation – even a professional passion – but something specific. One person I coached said that he loved his job of making meaningful business plans out of abstract or even woolly strategic statement. “Don’t you love it?” he said “when a plan just works.”

Give that man a job, I say, I want him on my team.

So what’s your differentiator?

Mine is not following the herd….

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Thriving rather than surviving in lockdown: the first step: Thankfulness

Hope means more than just surviving.

Covid has changed things for everybody and in the middle of this lockdown I am thinking that it might not be the last either.
This lockdown is different to the last one in that we know that it won’t be a permanent state, that looking after others is where we need to focus and we are six months nearer a vaccine than heretofore. It is a time for hope.

I am starting to think now about a time in the near future when Covid will be just a memory. Initial thoughts are that the quality of my relationship with others will be critical, technology will be just another resource and that whether I like it or not change management will be an essential survival skill. A key survival strategy will be to live in a state of thankfulness for what we have got from others despite Covid. I am thankful for all the kindness I have received from others since this all started and that gives me hope for the future.

Start your day with thankfulness and hope will come.

Excellence in Digital Learning on this website – it’s Official

The Interviewing Zone – Shortlisted for the IITD National Training Awards 2020

The collection of videos, PDFs,podcasts and work materials that make up the Interviewing Zone were shortlisted for an IITD Award in March. We are very proud of this recognition of the effort that has been put into this process by our website company Aura Internet. They have been very supportive and prompt in their response to our demands in a new area of learning.

What’s in it for me?

An assurance that the quality of the material you will be working with on this website has been recognised and rated by independent experts in the field of digital learning. This means a lot us. (Granny always said that self-praise was no praise) We are delighted that our colleagues in the training business recognise the value of a learning package that is based on solid case studies and client experiences.

I know it works in theory…. where’s the proof?

On one day two different clients called me to say that they had been placed first on  their promotion interview panels. Both clients had used the Interviewing Zone materials and engaged in online coaching.  On another day a client emailed to say that, of three promotion panels they had been on at work, they were placed first on one and second on the other two.

So, something’s got to be working.

How about you? How can we help you?


“Stringent standards to be applied” says Minister.

“I am appalled at the number of people who are killed or injured on the roads because of drink, drugs, road rage or sheer bloody-mindedness. I am equally appalled at the numbers of people whose careers and lives have been destroyed because they have been poorly managed by their superiors. This is why this new test is being introduced.” S ó Gobadán, Minister.

“The new Managers Driving Test is being brought into organisations to help individuals who have been victims of poor management. From next year any new supervisor or manager will have sit a stiff exam in the theory and practice of staff management before promotion; this would be followed by a practical examination on the basic skills of people management: goal setting, developing staff, team-building etc.

The following offences will result in severe financial penalties including dismissal:

Bullying, Sexism,Poor direction, withholding credit, support or information from colleagues.


There are no plans for such a scheme -but would you support it?

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Break the Application Form barrier with this new video

Not making it to interview stage in competency-based competitions?

Too many job applications end in tears because the form is rejected. This is true especially for competency-based applications. The old technique of filling a badly drafted form with superlatives never hacked it anyway – but that didn’t stop people trying.

To help you get through the gate that is the application form I have just finished a 20 minute detailed video to take you through the process. I am obliged to the HR managers I talked to who wanted to help applicants get to the interview table.

Do you have to be a media star to be successful at on-line Interviews?

“I am ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille”

Facing your first online job interview you probably won’t feel as confident as Norma Desmond in the film Sunset Boulevard.

However, you will probably feel as much pressure as the diva did – with the level of scrutiny being directed at you.

Cecil B deMille is long gone but 10 minutes of your time with our new video should help you build confidence.

 Remember the secret of a good movie is a good script and nice pictures.

10 Minutes of your time may get you your own Oscar.