Dealing with CV Rejection – post COVID

COMING out of COVID – ReCycling the Lockdown Mindset.

Already there is a lot of talk of life after Covid – or life with it in semi-lockdown for a long time to come. The figures for future unemployment are alarming – hundreds of thousands of people in the catering, tourism and leisure industry in Ireland,for example, have lost their secure futures already.

When the economy starts to recover there will be a lot of us looking for jobs – just to survive. Hundreds of thousands of unsolicited CVs will be sent out – online and in paper form. Over 95% of them will not be acknowledged in and of the remainder of them will be bad news. That’s an awful lot of rejection – a mountain of discouragement.

How will you deal with that if you are in this unfortunate position?

One of the keys to survival will be in how you reframe our thinking. One of things that got us through months of lockdown was how we reframed the experience as an opportunity – think of the creative way people managed and amused themselves their families, friends and neighbours.

Maybe it’s time to reuse that Covid Lockdown Mindset and manage a challenging situation with the best of what we have.

My friend and Publisher Frank Scott-Lennon is rewriting the book I contributed to during the great recession.

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