Dispelling some myths about Public Service Competency Interviews

As an interview coach I come across some myths about Public Service interviews. One is that you just go in there are and ensure you have the right buzzwords. It’s not a poetry recitation contest! Your interview professional,evidence-based, interactive and structured process.

Expected to be interrupted, cross-examined and questioned about your reasoning for doing what you did and what you learned about yourself.

Another myth is that you only need one example of any one competency. Public Service interviewers are trained to interview in depth to look for context. They know what they are looking for. Your job is to convince them with the benefits of your qualifications, skills, experience, results and motivation in action – in clear language including what you learned and how you applied that experience later on.

Our change-driven Public Service may be different from what you thought it was. It’s worth checking out the 2021 version so that you know what to expect.

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