Had enough of the workplace? Want out? Time to consider your options?

Now that the economy is recovering you might want to assess your working conditions and how rewarding your current role is for you.
During the recession it was time when employers said: “just be glad you have a job”. That was followed by the heinous Zero Hours Contract: “You are ours and nobody else’s – and we don’t care if you have living wage or not”. You now have mobility as people realise that in a recovering economy talent is mobile and has a price tag. It may be time for you to consider moving – talk to me about your options.
For some a Third Age Option might be on the table – it used to be called Early Retirement – but since Retirement ain’t what it used to be it’s called Late Career Transition. The idea is that you retire with a partial pension – but you go back to work or into consultancy to make up the difference money-wise but you get to set boundaries with your life in a way that you couldn’t when the company owned you body and soul.

Want to talk about it?

Call me, I am at your disposal.

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