Excellence in Digital Learning on this website – it’s Official

The Interviewing Zone – Shortlisted for the IITD National Training Awards 2020

The collection of videos, PDFs,podcasts and work materials that make up the Interviewing Zone were shortlisted for an IITD Award in March. We are very proud of this recognition of the effort that has been put into this process by our website company Aura Internet. They have been very supportive and prompt in their response to our demands in a new area of learning.

What’s in it for me?

An assurance that the quality of the material you will be working with on this website has been recognised and rated by independent experts in the field of digital learning. This means a lot us. (Granny always said that self-praise was no praise) We are delighted that our colleagues in the training business recognise the value of a learning package that is based on solid case studies and client experiences.

I know it works in theory…. where’s the proof?

On one day two different clients called me to say that they had been placed first on  their promotion interview panels. Both clients had used the Interviewing Zone materials and engaged in online coaching.  On another day a client emailed to say that, of three promotion panels they had been on at work, they were placed first on one and second on the other two.

So, something’s got to be working.

How about you? How can we help you?

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