Focussed Networking

Many of my clients tell me that, although they are very active at networking, nothing is happening. When I investigate further I find that their networking consists of showing people their generic CVs and asking: “are there any jobs out there?”. Networking is far more complex and diverse than that; it needs to have structure and focus. Here are some networking methods you might try:


(1) CHECK-IN: Networking. Calling one of your regular contacts and checking in on how they are getting on in their industry, what’s happening, what’s hot and what’s not. Sooner or later they are going to ask the question: “how are you getting on?” and that will be your opportunity.


(2) INFORMATION GATHERING: Having taken stock of your skills, your achievements and interests you set yourself the objective of finding out opportunities where your skills etc. match the challenges of the industries or roles you are interested in. Remember you are not sending out CVs yet.


(3) CONTACT BUILDING: Once you get more focussed in your search try and identify the people who can give you inside information, introduce you to others and perhaps give you work. But ask yourself “what’s in it for them?”. Maybe you should consider what information you have to trade.


In-depth and focussed networking hones your own interview skills and helps you make your job-search relevant to the current market and not to a historical one.


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