“If you have the points – you have the choices” A word of warning.

Leaving Certificate Results due about now – it’s make up your mind time!

Every year around mid-August there is a flurry of celebrations following the arrival of Leaving Certificate results. After the days and nights of carousing the moment comes for the choice of college course based on the results. Occasionally, I get a call from a concerned parent asking something like: ” Jeanne has enough points to do law or medicine – which do  you think is best?” Frankly, I haven’t a clue as I think it is the wrong question.

Ask the right questions…..

When you are fortunate to have enough points to have options your should be asking such questions as :”Am I really interested in this course/faculty”, “Could I see myself working with this subject/profession for the rest of my life?”. “Does the work suit my skills, my interests, my temperament.” “Do I want to leave my options open or am I sure enough to commit to a specialist field this early in my life?”. “How easy is it to get work in this field after graduation?”

It’s not just about the money

At the end of the day, it’s not about the money it’s about you and what’s right for you. When you study history they teach you to look at world events from as many angles as possible before deciding on your opinion. It seems appropriate that you would do that with your future career.

The hard work is about to start

Looking up the money and the glamorous stuff on-line is the easy part – it’s going out there and talking to the people who can tell you what your future career choices are really like – warts and all. For every hour that your favourite star or performer spends on-stage or on-screen there are hundred of unseen hours hustling, learning, negotiating and sweating through all sorts of small stuff. Every career has its downside – know yours before you commit.

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