Interviewing Zone Starter Kit

This starter kit is designed to help you prepare for job interviews. It consists of two parts:



This is a condensed version of my book Be Interview-wise (published by Management Briefs).lt will help prepare you for traditional interviews and competency-based ones. There is a case study in it that will help you to summarise and structure your experience using a competency matrix- particularly helpful for competency-based interviews. The back page of the PDF is a blank matrix that you will find helpful.

I have a small number of copies of the book available FREE of CHARGE. Just send me your name and address and I will send you one.

STAR Sheet

If you are preparing your examples for an application form it is useful to lay it out in bullet points on this form. Keep the SITUATION statement brief and make the TASK statement short and precise. Match your ACTIONs to the competency definitions. Make sure your RESULTS are precise and matched to your task.

2. Video Links

Competency Interviews Explained

STAR Technique in Action

Beat the Butterflies

If you would like to develop your skills further you can sign up for the  Interviewing Zone full learning package HERE  or contact me directly brian@brianmcivor.com or call me at 087 250 4562