Performing well in Public Service Interviews

There are increasing levels of interest in Public Service interviews these days. With the threat of uncertainty in the Private Sector you might be thinking about this. That is understandable.

Recruitment processes in the Public Service are different.

Public Service jobs attract large numbers of applicants. There are a number of filtering processes – including challenging aptitude tests. The interviews are very structured. You will need to study the material including Job Competencies  before you apply on-line.

Therefore you will need a good working understanding of what is involved in the work of public service bodies – and how the  parliamentary process works.

A public service job is not just another card on the job board. It’s a career for life – treat it like you would the Olympics.

Invest a lot of your time in any application. Let me help you – if you need a hand.

I know the system from inside and out –  having worked there. I have helped many enter the system and progress within it over the last 20 years.

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