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Consultations with Brian

Understanding how you operate, how you relate to the world and to others, and how you put your plans into action may well be a lifelong task for each of us. You can empower yourself by exploring your options with the help of world-class personality tests and instruments – in conjunction with personalised coaching.
I can help you – call me for a free discussion.

Psychological Testing

There are thousands of self-help questionnaires available both on- and offline. Most lack any meaningful scientific basis and are dangerously unreliable. Over the last 25 years I have worked with my clients using only the best and most trusted of these . I have over 25 years’ experience in Occupation Testing; I am certified by the British Psychological Society in the administration of such leading instruments as MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and 16PF (Trait analysis). I am also certified in the use of Emotional Intelligence Instruments – EQ1 and EQ 360.
Call me to discuss which may be appropriate for you.
You might like to check out the most-used resource: the Myers Briggs Type Indicator – which will give you and understanding of your psychological preference in an insightful and practical way.

Website for MBTI: www.myersbriggs.org

Information Sheet on MBTI

Continuing Professional Development

As a certified Executive Coach my practice is professionally supervised and I am engaged in constant professional development in various forms. I am an enthusiastic life-long learner myself!
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