Retirement is a thing of the past – Welcome to the Third Age.

Time was when a pension was a thing you got when you reached 65 years of age. If you were lucky, you got a works pension and a state pension.Nowadays the State Pension doesn’t arrive for another year and your works pension isn’t a sure thing for those of you lucky enough to have one – and most people in Ireland don’t have anything to look forward to apart from the State Pension.

Welcome to the new Third Age – one where you will be working after 65 to make up the pension shortfall – that’s the bad news. The good news is that you will have more mobility and control than any previous generation because Baby Boomers (that’s us) are coming into lifestyle that will combine the best elements of Working, Learning, Playing and Giving.
Working – because you need the money.
Playing – because you need a break.
Learning -because you will need to work on your skill set and expertise
Giving -because your family, friends and community need the benefits your gifts.

You’ll also have longer life expectancy than your parents and their parents. When doctors tell you that 65 is new 45 – believe them – they have the figures to prove it.

Do you want a hand in making your Third Age Plan happen?
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