Telling It Like It Is

I asked a client to share his experience of career coaching with me – exactly as he experienced it. This is what he wrote, exactly as he wrote it:


Brian McIvor does nothing.
It’s the first, and possibly most important, thing he’ll do for you.
Amongst the myriad things Mr McIvor won’t do for you are:

  • Calling people for you.
  • Trawling the internet looking for job ads.
  • Writing your CV.
  • Getting a great, good or even half-decent Leaving Cert for you.
  • Sitting down and pondering what you’re really good at.
  • Working out what you actually want out of life.
  • Networking like a grown-up, not a Facebook addicted tween.
  • Waving a magic wand to get you your perfect job.


What he does do is ask questions.
Lots of questions. Questions of such volume and piercing nature they’d probably prompt Torquemada to raise an eyebrow: “Steady on there Bri, it’s not like we’re-running the Inquisition here.”
Obfuscation, circumlocution, plámás-ing or using big words just to show off won’t cut it in conversation.
He’s a nice man. An affable chap. A good egg. A charming conversationalist.
He’s in your corner but he ain’t your mammy. He’s already got a job he loves. You’re the one that wants a new one. So you’re going to have to talk to him straight, answer his questions, consider his advice and follow his suggestions.
If you do there’s a very good chance you’re going to get a job you love too.



Now you know what goes on in my career coaching sessions.
I look forward to hearing from you.



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