The Mozart Effect in Retirement

Talk to some people about retirement and they will describe the prospect as “grim – ending in you-know-what” ignoring the fact that, for most people about to retire “you know what” is at least one generation away. A lot can happen in the meantime.

Your retirement may well be very grim if you don’t plan and just let retirement happen to you. (Don’t worry I am not about to sell you a pension fund). You need to plan for other things beside the money – following your dreams, learning new things, expanding your offline social network (meeting real people), helping others and having fun.

Speaking of having fun here’s yours truly with a few friends messing around with Mozart.


One of the dividends of ageing is the loss of certain inhibitions. For the record, the combined age of the three male leads is over two centuries. (I am the one in the funny hat).

*The Mozart Effect = ‘listening to Mozart makes you smarter” – another New Age Fiction.

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