Thriving rather than surviving in lockdown: the first step: Thankfulness

Hope means more than just surviving.

Covid has changed things for everybody and in the middle of this lockdown I am thinking that it might not be the last either.
This lockdown is different to the last one in that we know that it won’t be a permanent state, that looking after others is where we need to focus and we are six months nearer a vaccine than heretofore. It is a time for hope.

I am starting to think now about a time in the near future when Covid will be just a memory. Initial thoughts are that the quality of my relationship with others will be critical, technology will be just another resource and that whether I like it or not change management will be an essential survival skill. A key survival strategy will be to live in a state of thankfulness for what we have got from others despite Covid. I am thankful for all the kindness I have received from others since this all started and that gives me hope for the future.

Start your day with thankfulness and hope will come.

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