The Career Zone

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For less than the cost of a night out you can build your career plan.

The Career Zone is an on-line learning space that contains videos, manuals, worksheets and podcasts – designed to help you prepare an effective career plan.

Based on Brian’s work with his clients internationally over the last 20 years and took two years to develop. The package gives you the knowledge of how the process works so that you can move forward in your career. It is based on Brian’s book Career Detection and contains a comprehensive set of resources to help you identify your transferable skills, drivers and values.

In a post-Covid world career change may happen more frequently than you expect. The Career Zone will equip you to meet the challenges in the challenging times ahead. It is possible to have a successful career path in a recessionary economy – it won’t just happen – it will need work, imagination and a little bit of luck. The -Career Zone will equip you to identify the opportunities you deserve.

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