Who was your best boss/manager?

It is said that people do not leave jobs they love – they leave bosses who have denied them the recognition, challenges and the vital support needed to progress.

Your best boss may not have been your best friend but they always had your best interests at heart.

Who’s your hero boss? Mine is one that challenged me, put up with my nonsense and put me on the right path. He worked in the Revenue Commissioners, where I spent a brief period. He praised my creativity but warned me that “creativity and tax are a deadly mix in the world of Tax. I suggest you find a job where your creativity will be your greatest asset, not your greatest liability. ”

It may sound a bit severe but the same person coached me and helped me find dream career – training and development. He was never happy unless he knew that his staff were in the right place. He helped guide many people into the right place.

Thank you, Des.

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