Will you ever retire? Time to consider your Career and Life Plan.


There are dark clouds on the horizon.

Forecasts for the next couple¬† of years are not great. There’s talk of the return of inflation (remember rising prices?), supply problems (where have all the drivers gone?) and the demands of a rapidly ageing population. Lump in with that the death of the “job for life” and it seems that you may well be working into the twilight years of your life – because the state benefits and your pension plan won’t cough up enough money for you to survive in retirement.

Maybe it’s time get into Futurology – taking a look into your future to work out what your real needs are – rather than your wants – and focussing what’s essential.

A realistic plan may well combine part-time work that suits you that gives your security and a little bit of luxury – and time to do things you want to do with your life.

What would make your future tolerable would be in a career or job where your skills and knowledge are what interest and engage you – and are what your employer needs and recognises.

Not sure? Call me.




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