You need more than a good story to succeed at Competency-Based Interviews.

They’re upping the ante on competency interviews…..

No more is it the story but the context that matters.

“Competency interviews are a breeze” they said ” just have one good example under competency, use the STAR format, and, bingo, the job is yours”.

That might have been true one time but interviewees are now finding that interviewers are becoming more adept at exploring rehearsed “stories” for hard, looking for alternative examples and even looking for your competency history. (As in “how many times have you done his, have you got better at it etc…). Just when you think you have mastered the game they change the rules.

Professional standard competency-based interviewing is not a game it is a rigorous, fair and effective process aimed to identify and attract the right people and allocate them to the right roles.

To be effective – you need to prepare in depth. It’s not just a matter of having the right stories but presenting the right data to clinch the dream job/promotion for you. And it takes work. Let me help you get started…..

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